Generally speaking, prices include a resume and email-cover-letter development, career coaching, and interview preparation tips.
Add $300+ for LinkedIn Profile creation.

**Prices are determined by the level of project complexity and are subject to change depending upon the scope of work.

A Word's Worth
Major Credit Card

Individuals With Less Than 2 Years Of Experience


Newly indoctrinated workers; students about to graduate from college; recently-graduated students with limited work experience.

Middle Management

$375 - $550

Professionals with supervisory, administrative, project leadership, and/or management experience.

Senior Management

$550 - $750

Across industry lines, professionals with significant management responsibility, encompassing P&L, staff, fiscal, sales, and/or marketing skills.

Executives / Senior Level Executives

$750 - $875

Professionals with oversight responsibility for strategic/tactical planning, managerial staffs, operations, production, and ultimately bottom-line profits.